(...)Oh yes mantle of my stars;
the night speaks to you before succumbing to the day, the great battles lost, the grass of ancient clans and tribes tracing through our courses the heart of the paths of the heart and your touched meadows.

Extract from the poem “Los nuevos pueblos”, Raúl Zurita.

In the 1990s,the Chilean media defined the country as “The Jaguar of Latin America”, reflecting the arguments of the political and business class after the military dictatorship, which turned the country into a laboratory for economic policies. However, a large part of Chileans continue to suffer from an unequal system. Between October 2019 and March 2020 a series of demonstrations and riots took place to demand, among other things, improvements in health, education and pensions. The violence then left thirty-three dead and thousands injured, in addition to dozens of complaints of human rights violations. The riots led to a referendum for the drafting of a new Constitution that would banish the current one, written during the dictatorship, however, the text presented in September 2022 was rejected by the electorate, therefore the process is still open today.