Sète#16 is a collaborative book made by Tomàs Quiroga, Nicolás Wormull, Paula Lopez-Droguett y Cristóbal Olivares during a residence in the city of Sète in southern France for the Image Singulières Festival in June 2015.

"I arrive in a city that is also a port. I approach the place as if it were a blank page, an outline map I want to use to not only sketch its physical appearance but also to capture its elusive spirit. The sea, Brassens, seafood, white wine, the Mistral, Valéry and the Tramontana. What I knew before I came is conformed in the mirror by what I discover. I walk along, fascinated. In the street, I give myself up to fortuitous encounters. I pick up my pace as my shadow is projected onto the eclectic architecture. I blend into districts that resound with the echo of old and new emigrants. I allow myself to be carried along, feeling the fragility of knowing that I am actually here. I wander through the labyrinth of and island that is not an island and a lake that is not a lake, to eventually dispel my fears. Overcoming anxiety, already the city and I are no longer strangers to one another."

Sète#16 Tomás Quiroga, Paula Lopez-Dorguett, Crisóbal Olivares & Nicolás Wormull
Text: Cristian Caujolle + authors
Language: French, Spanish and English
120 pages
20,5 x 24,5
Design: Dante Mellado
Published with: Le Bec en L´Air Èditions
Coedition: CètàVOIR/ FIFV Ediciones
ISBN: 978-2-36744-095-8